Company Mission Statement

It is our policy to deliver excellence in our products, services and solutions that ensure customer value and contribute to their success.  It is also our commitment that this is the result of planned and integrated efforts involving every element of our organisation.


Customer Excellence:  


  • Plymouth Block Management recognises that consistently delivering our service to the highest standard and at the right price is only one characteristic of being a world-class supplier. Quality relationships with our customers are equally important.  
  • Plymouth Block Management continually strives to improve its responsiveness to customers, to anticipate customer requirements and to provide customers with top-tier service.


Employer and Employee Excellence:  


  • Participation in the development and improvement of Plymouth Block Management’s business is expected and encouraged at all levels of the organisation.  
  • Plymouth Block Management’s leadership team strives to implement and improve processes by providing employees with information, training and opportunities to improve processes.


Supplier Excellence:  


  • Plymouth Block Management expects its suppliers to provide defect-free products and services that conform to our requirements.  
  • Plymouth Block Management is responsible for ensuring requirements are defined clearly and delivered in an effective and timely manner. 
  • Plymouth Block Management partners with suppliers committed to continual improvement in their own quality system and to a relationship with TAXIFIRST.