Making Alterations in a Leasehold Property - What to Consider

Lease covenants

Lease covenants about alterations usually fall into two categories, an absolute prohibition on alterations or a qualified covenant. An absolute covenant means that you are not allowed to make any alterations to the property. Should this be the case, you may attempt to negotiate with the landlord possibilities of obtaining consent. This may need to involve the payment of a premium to the landlord as an incentive to grant consent. The landlord however is not under any obligation to agree.

Planned Maintenance Programmes

The vagaries of the English weather together with day-to-day wear and tear mean that all buildings deteriorate over time. Changes to legislation/statutory requirements also affect the standards by which properties are judged. For leaseholders, it is vital that these changes are effectively managed and their block kept safe and sound, while avoiding major disruption and financial cost. If they are neglected, even the most beautiful buildings can – quite literally – fall apart.