Quality Policy




The Management team has set the following quality objectives for PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD. Quality objectives are the benchmarks by which the company will measure its success and the effectiveness of the quality management system and will be reviewed and updated, as required, annually.


  1. 1.     It is the policy of PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD to deliver a service to our customers that will be beyond their expectations. This will be achieved by implementing, operating and maintaining an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System.


  1. 2.     PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD is fully committed to meet customer, legal and regulatory requirements. This will be achieved by maintaining an up-to-date legal register of legislation pertaining to the property sector, continuous management review and by maintaining and analysing quality records.


  1. 3.     Individual safety remains paramount and PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD will accommodate any changes that are critical or affordable to enhance this criteria. This will be achieved by regular health and safety inspections of managed blocks and communal areas, proper training of staff and by gaining customer feedback.


  1. 4.     Customer retention is essential and complaints will be recorded, investigated and dealt with promptly by assigned personnel in the appropriate way. This will be achieved by monthly reviews of ALL complaints received, by conducting trends analysis and implementing corrective and preventative actions as required. PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD will record, monitor and evaluate all complaints and implement corrective and/or preventative actions to reduce these figures year on year.


  1. 5.     PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD premises and equipment will be maintained to the highest standards. This will be achieved by regular inspections of our premises and all equipment with management review of the results to ensure standards are maintained to the highest quality.


  1. 6.     PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD values all of its personnel in a balanced and equitable manner. All personnel will be trained to effectively carry out the tasks designated to them and any skills shortages in the operation of the assigned duties will be initially addressed by further training. Contracts of employment will be issued to staff and all interests will be served by the observance of the rules and conditions set. This will be achieved by a controlled annual staff review of the company workforce, by maintaining accurate training records and providing where applicable additional training to compliment staff skills and enhance ability.


  1. 7.     PLYMOUTH BLOCK MANAGEMENT LTD is committed to continuous improvement and will evaluate its progress and standing by seeking industry and national quality accreditations. In the event of shortfalls we will implement any necessary changes to overcome these. This will be achieved by internal and external audits, management review and seeking feedback from our customers and staff alike.








Mark Christie                                                

Managing Director